Aug 14 2014 - Aug 14 2014

Caesar Dressing

200g Anchovies
1L Dijon Mustard
60 Egg Yolks
100ML Cayenne Pepper
700ML Minced Garlic
150ML Fresh Ground Black Pepper
280ML Worcestershire Sauce
250ML Lemon Juice
900ML Red Wine Vinegar
1.5 L Water
12-14L Canola Oil
  1. Add all the ingredients except the oil in a pail. Puree together with an immersion blender until smooth, but not overly smooth.
  2. Slowly add the oil until all gone. If it starts to break stop adding the oil and make sure it's all mixed in.

Instead of 14L canola oil you can use 12 litre canola and 2L olive oil. I usually stop around 12 litres of oil anyway, so add the olive oil first for flavouring if you so decide.

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