Oct 31 2007 - Aug 11 2013


This site is here to help share my thoughts and ideas, through stories and poems alike and any other media I feel like using. This site was created mostly for me to feel good about myself, lots of people will probably be bored with it, but I hope to interest a few people and maybe make them think about new things, and get a better sense of me.

It first started off as a Live Journal, with some of my poems on there, but it was more of a blog than anything. After a while I decided to try my hand at coding again and created a Geocities site, that actually validated (besides the Geocities ads they threw in). When I was designing the site I got a lot of help from Sam Hughes, though I'm not sure if he knows it. I went through his code many times, and I learnt from that. My current site design reflects on his old design. It was then that I started to get into CSS and it began to get easier to update. After a while I learnt about PHP and MYSQL and decided it was time to move to a domain, with some help from people at Reddit. After the move I slightly changed the template, and things have been great ever since.

I choose the name Absurdity981 for a few reasons. Absurdity has been with me for a while, it was my Geocities name. I think it has a nice ring to it, and the name fits nicely in with my style. I added 981 because it's my long-time favourite number, have been using it since junior high.

I update weekly, or try to, though school and life tend to get in the way of a regular update schedule. Updates happen when they do, when I have time to. Everything here is a work in progress, I believe writing is never done, that there is always something to add or take away to make the work more powerful and meaningful. Take everything I write as a current draft, and I always welcome suggestions on how to improve my writing.

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