Oct 14 2015 - Oct 15 2015

Voting Rant: 2015-10-14

So social media has ramped up a lot about elections, of course it is that time, and it's less then a week away. However I am really sick and tired of all the strategic voting everyone is telling me to do. You want me to vote for your party, tell me why they would be better for the country than any other party, tell me why they deserve my vote. My vote is a part of my freedom of expression, and I am not giving that up just because everyone wants to "Stop Harper". I will vote for the party I believe will bring about the best change for this country, which is usually NDP or Green.

I really don't like being told what to do though, so I'm really leaning towards voting for the Conservative party, simply as a "Fuck you" to everyone telling me how I should vote, and not why. "Ironically" if you will, in a hipster anti movement kind of way. So many people telling me vote NDP or vote Liberal because that way the Cons don't win. I will not vote against a party, I will vote for a party, my party of choice. I am using my vote as a message on how I would like this country run, I will not have a message of "anyone but that party" I will vote for the party I believe has the closest set of ideals and ideas about running this country to mine, I will give my support to them, not another party simply because the other party has a better chance to win. I want them to know I believe in what they are doing, and they have my vote.

My vote is my way of standing up and shouting "Hey you! I like your party's ideals more than any other party, there may be some things I disagree with, but in general your ideas coincide with mine. I want you to run the country first before anyone else."

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