Nov 24 2015 - Nov 24 2015

Update: 2015-11-24

I'll start off with yesterday, which is the easiest to remember. Had such a fun day with Ryder. Went to Great Big Adventure to pick up movie screening tickets to The Good Dinosaur. Played at GBA an hour with Ryder, lots of fun. Then went to the movie. I was a bit worried, we went to the washroom right before it started, filled his cup with water, and he sat still the entire time. He wouldn't put on his 3D glasses at first, but the movie started and he sat so still and quiet, was perfect. I'm not worried about taking him to movies anymore. Went to Chapters after, he loved the store, and the escalator, all the toys, really wants a wooden play kitchen. Was quite cute. We cuddled the rest of the night, after he calmed down from getting home (really didn't want to come home).

Not working right now, about to go on paternity leave. Excited and worried, daycare will be less money, but a lot less time working, lot more time at home. I miss cooking, the kitchen, the line, the rush. Mindless prep. C'est la vie. My new saying, Diana got me hooked on that one. Wish it didn't end the way it did, but excited for the future.

Got a new fish tank I am really excited to fill, already have some leads on some cool new fish.

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