Mar 18 2015 - Mar 18 2015

Spring Time: 2015-03-18

It's finally spring time again. Started cleaning the yard up. Been big an Facebook auction/buy/sell groups lately. Helping to get rid of some of our stuff. Also finding lots of toys for Ryder off of there, not that he doesn't already have more toys then he can play with. Got him a slot machine yesterday, loved it.

Dogs are crazy as always, I wish I could let the cats out but the dogs just chase them out of the yard, and I don't want them to go missing, makes me worry too much. Harley might have found a home, she gets to meet her new prospective family Saturday.

Been so tired lately. Part of it is my fault, not going to bed on time, or to sleep on time anyway. Then the dogs or cats or Ryder or something always seems to keep me up, or wake me up, and then it's hard to fall asleep again. I've been clenching my jaw a lot, either when I'm bored, or at work, or sleeping, or trying to sleep. Especially the left side, in fact it seems my jaw is kind of drifting to the left now, maybe because I've been clenching the left side so much.

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