Feb 23 2015 - Feb 23 2015

Short Update: 2015-02-23

Well I've been up and down a lot lately, especially at work. Might be due to my horrible sleep pattern, or lack of. Last week or so I've been on an upswing, so I'm trying to hold onto that. I made some delicious bison short ribs, two day marinade, 4 hour braise. Very tender and delicious, good rosemary flavour, and the jus is incredibly awesome. So much flavour, very rich and complex. Added fennel to the braise which was nice.

Been big into Facebook group auctions lately. Got some nice things for Ryder and I. Got a really nice fish tank I can't wait to fill. Got an electric guitar as well, no amp though. Lots of toy cars for Ryder. New boots. Loving these auctions.

Won some tickets to the Lazarus Effect on Wednesday from QX 104 by texting in, so that's pretty cool.

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