Sep 10 2015 - Sep 10 2015

Scared Ryder Good: 2015-09-10

Scared Ryder really well today at the Halloween store, accidentally. We found we had some extra time today after his dentist appointment so we went to Kildonan Place mall to check out the new Spirit of Halloween store that opened up where Target was. He loved it, was fascinated with a zombie that made noises and sort of crawled. There was an undead girl next to him however, that would ask for her mommy, and for help, quietly, luring you in, then jumps at you. He really jumped back, just a look of fright on his face. I picked him up and he was literally shaking for a while. Tried to do it again, told him to watch and let him know it was about to jump so he was prepared, didn't scare him as much. He calmed down after a while. We saw a pumpkin head that I think reminded him of Jack Skeleton, he loved it and kept staring at it.

Finally got him off Magic School Bus, or at least a little. It's still a lot better for him than Attack on Titan which was nonstop for a while. He seems to love A Nightmare Before Christmas, watched that at least a dozen times this week, recently added to Netflix I believe, he loves Jack.

Even though money is extra tight, really want to go all out this year on Halloween. Loved how people came back to take pictures last year, every year want to outdo myself. Would set up earlier and just build up throughout the month, but damn dogs would probably destroy it. Still mad at them for the decorations they got to last year. And it's not as fun if we can't have everything out for a week or two.

This year want to do a haunted yard, focus more on the back, have a path that goes through the yard, entrance and exit, maybe have stuff that jumps out and scares the kid (like what scared Ryder), and candy at the end. Loved my hanging guy from the window, would like to repeat that or something similar as well. Want to do something themed with the pool, but need to empty it and can't leave it up until then, because of dogs. Still despite my canine hurdles I'd like to try and make this an amazing Halloween!

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