Jul 09 2015 - Jul 09 2015

Ryder Being A Big Brother: 2015-07-09

Ryder is really big on being a big brother, ever since he met Logan. He loves to run around, but as soon as he gets close to Logan he slows down. He gives him lots of kisses and hugs, often without being asked. Ryder loves reaching into the bassinet and giving Logan a kiss, or just watching Logan. He oftentimes tries to give Logan his pacifier when he is crying, or when he's not crying as well.

It can get kind of annoying, Ryder likes to take the pacifier out of Logan's mouth, so that he can put it in his mouth. He also likes to use his finger to let Logan suck on, often times when Logan is sleeping. Another annoying aspect, is when Ryder is in bed falling asleep, if he hears Logan crying at all he'll get out of bed, and come rushing to help Logan. So then we have to put him in bed again as well. This happens at all times of the day, Logan cries, Ryder comes to bring his help; though more often than not he just makes Logan cry more.

Also today Ryder took his first poop on the toilet. We were down in the basement playing, all of a sudden he wanted me to take him upstairs. We went and usually he stands to pee, but he wanted the potty seat. I gave it to him and he sat down, then shortly after I hear the sound of poop hitting the water. Few accidents today, but slowly, very slowly, getting there. Potty training hasn't taken a step back, it's just we are slowly crawling forward. He's getting it more and more every day, knows what to do, washes and dries his hands, just it's 50/50 if he wants to go in the toilet, or on the floor. He doesn't like diapers anymore, and we've been letting him run around naked (since it's so hard to keep his clothes on). We got some underwear going to try with him, so if we see him take it off, we know to rush him to the toilet.

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