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Ryder & Ladbugs: 2015-12-19

So Ryder has a horrible fear of ladybugs. My brave fearless Ryder. He plays rough with the dog, doesn't flinch, heights don't bother him, should see him climb things you didn't think were climbable, like the dresser. Like those of you who know him know his nickname is Daredevil, the boy without fear. He never gives a second thought to just trying to climb our fence when his ball went over for instance. I'm pretty sure it's because a wasp stung him in the summer, so he's kind of afraid of all insects. Well come fall there's thousands of ladybugs looking for warm homes, and quite a bunch made it into the house (good for the plants). Every now and then he has a run in, and it never goes well.

Today he was playing with a bottle, and then happened to notice a ladybug by the lid. His scream was so high pitched and so loud, and he just keeps screaming. I go to look at what the issue is and try to shoo it away, and then the poor bug had the misfortune to land on his foot. I thought he screamed loud before, NOW he was loud, wow, could break an eardrum. Running around, trying to get away from it. Then he falls down and starts to cry. I take it off and hide it in a plant, and my poor boy is just trembling. I hold him for a while and he's fine. I understand his fear, I'm pretty irrational around wasps or anything of the sort myself, going to work with him to help differentiate the nice insects from the evil ones.

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