Nov 29 2015 - Nov 29 2015

Ryder's Favourite Number: 2015-11-29

So Ryder is convinced every number is two. Whenever we count he will go "two, two, two, two!" the last one really bringing out the "o" and being really excited about it. We can count to ten, but every number is actually two. This has been going on for a month or two. I think he sort of gets the amounts, because when two is actually two he's happy. Just has a favourite number.

Today I thought he actually said one. We were counting water bottles, I swear the first one he counted was some weird mix between one and two, merging the two words. I tried to get him to slowly say it. I'd say "wah" he'd say "wah". I'd say "nne" he'd say "nne". Then I went "Wah-nne" in a sing songy kind of voice, at which point he went "Tw-OOO" in his voice. I swear he knows and he is messing with me lol. Very cute.

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