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Potty Training Back Step: 2015-07-28

Potty training sort of took a step back yesterday morning. It's been a very slow gradual process, he's using the toilet, and his potties, washing and drying his hands, we're slowly having less accidents. Trying to sort of go cold turkey on diapers when he's at home. Last night he slept with me (naked), didn't wet the bed! Though yesterday morning he refused to use the potty or toilet but instead when upstairs, got a diaper and had me put it on. I could then hear him going. Also lately it's been hard to change his diapers when we're at home or out, he seems to like to keep them on now.He went a little while diaper free, now he wants them back to the point he's refusing the toilet, and holding it in, dragging me upstairs to put a diaper on him so he can go. At least he's not going on the floor or the bed or behind the couch anymore. When he's outside he has no problem going anywhere.

Been back to work for a little bit, really need to shape up there. At least I've come back with a better attitude and am trying to get better at this again. Yesterday they installed a camera in the kitchen, an IP camera no less, will be interesting to see if anyone actually follows up on that, if it has a purpose other than deterrent.

Loving the You Win Auctions Facebook group, great being an admin there. Taking it some interesting directions I hope, and letting everyone have a good time. Recently won a 26" nacho platter for $42.00, will be having a party next Saturday (the 8th) now. Also being getting a lot of "rare" food, mostly limited editions only found in America. Like cookie dough oreos, or chocolatey banana chips ahoy.

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