Aug 16 2015 - Aug 16 2015

Nice Day Yesterday: 2015-08-16

Ryder has been such a nice brother lately. He woke up at 6AM the day before, and he couldn't sleep, so we were watching Netflix on the phone in bed, all four of us in bed and he kept stopping to lean over and give Logan a kiss on the head. Gave him so many kisses in the morning. Was very sweet.

We went to the Belgium pavilion for Folkorama, the desserts were delicious there. Ryder's actually been eating a lot lately, he's been really into bread. Been giving him hot dog buns, and he chows down on them. Also really liking hot dogs. Just not together.

Got stung by a wasp, on the back of my thigh. Happened when I went to move the stroller. Not fun. Did the escape room yesterday, Epic Escapes, didn't feel as challenging as previous rooms, less locks. Could also be because have done so many rooms now. Went out for drinks after, was a good night.

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