Jun 06 2015 - Jun 06 2015

Life: 2015-06-06

Life has been hectic, and slow, ups and downs. Been doing a lot of Facebook auctions lately, even got made admin on a few groups. Garage sale season has started up, so been going garage saling. Got a whack of used comic books, getting rid of our junk, love it.

Love my arbitrary day gift very much, Attack On Titan Colossal edition. First five volumes, and I hope Ryder will at least enjoy the pictures.

Diana got me a new bigger ball pit, so very happy about that! If I just keep moving up, I'll be like a hermit crab, and just keep getting more balls until I have a gigantic ball pit.

Love the new menu at work, everything looks beautiful and sexy, lot more challenging though, need to start stepping up my game, been on my phone too much, and been too lazy lately. Finally getting busy again, need to end my last few weeks on a bang.

New baby almost here, Diana wants me to keep it a secret, though I don't like that, want to talk about it and be proud and shout it out!

Ryder's schedule has been weird lately, waking up early, bed late, or sometimes sleeping in late. Hope he goes back to normal soon.

Put my counter in the garage work area finally, love that I have it, finally have a place to work. Will finally try to get my olive barrel project done. Start too many things and never finish them.

The main reason for this site is to archive my life, so when I'm older I can look back and remember things, or my kids could understand me better, like how I never could understand my dad, no journals or anything, I want them to know me as well as possible if I leave early. I haven't been writing much lately, and my last story still needs serious editing. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I don't want this to just be a picture blog, I want to talk too, so I'm going to try to re-focus my life, work harder, do more at home, make Diana happy again, blog more, waste a lot less time. There's things I thought I wrote about, like my shadow person story, that I can't find, that I'm going to re-write, or I guess write (I swore I wrote it a first time though).

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