Nov 02 2015 - Nov 03 2015

Halloween 2015: 2015-11-02

Had a blast giving out candy this year, scared quite a few kids, maybe even a couple of parents. I played the priest officiating a demon/undead wedding, was quite fun, towards the end I was really getting into it. Asking them if they are there for the wedding or wanting to go through the haunted yard to get a treat. Wish I had some friends to be live actors, help scare the kids, add more to the yard, more in-depth. Felt there wasn't enough going on in the back. I think I had around 150-170 kids come by, ran out of all of our full sized bars, will be more prepared next year. Don't want to end up with too much either.

Learned a few things, need more arrows, caution tape on the back door as well as children kept yelling trick or treat back there. I think they thought when I said go around the yard they thought that meant go around to the back, not circle the house. Why I also wanted one of two people to help in the back, help direct people as well as scare/creep them.

Afterwards we checked out a cool house on Washington Ave, lots of live actors, incredibly well done. Then we went to fun mountain for some zombie fun, running away from them and everything. That was a quite fun, unique experience.

Next year I don't think we'll buy as much, maybe one really good animatronic, and the candy, and just change things around a bit. Want to try going trick or treating with Ryder next year as well, I felt he might have been more out going if I was there. Want to leave the candy out for a bit next year, go with Ryder then come back. Maybe a few years after that I'll add the garage/work area (my haunted butcher shop idea) to the path, when we have more people to help run things as well, if we can. I really wish I could have gone with the little guy, but had lots of fun handing out candy as well, very busy day though, wish I could have spent more time with him. I really think he might have been more social if I was there, instead of refusing to get out of the stroller, next year I will focus more on him, and hopefully I can find someone to help run the yard.

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