Mar 25 2015 - Mar 25 2015

Fish Tank Filled: 2015-03-25

So we finally filled the fish tank we got off Facebook with some live fish. We started a little over two weeks with three neon tetra. We then got five zebra and two guppys, Mr. Red and Mr. Yellow. Sadly the zebra fish didn't make it the journey home. We then a few days ago got three angel fish, one white and two black ones. The black angel fish ate really good at hiding, so much so we were worried that one of the cats managed to get to them. We then yesterday got another couple of tetra, two dalmatian molly's and an albino catfish. The tank is now nice and full, just want an algae eater and some ghost shrimp to make it complete, just going to wait a week or two not to overload the tank.

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