Feb 26 2020 - Feb 26 2020

World Seems In Decline: 2020-02-26

I see more and more of people destroying our future for the now. Those who take pride in wilful ignorance and hate. Things are supposed to get better over time, but people don't seem to care about having a future for our children, just some money for themselves. What good will money be when there is no food to eat or air to breathe? They just need more and more and more, either not caring about those to come or simply deluding themselves into thinking everything will magically work out while at the same time trying to stop anything that will help make sure things work out in the long term.

I try to be the light in the dark places, to comment calmly and rationally, without insult, to bring logic in the discussion and at least maybe put a band-aid on the dam that is flooding our world and hope others may join too as they see what is going on. I wish I could step away and ignore it, but then that's one less voice for a future for our children, as the enemies of reality grow. The ozone layer was an issue, but we came together and now it's healing, Y2K was an issue but people had forethought and dealt with it ahead of time instead of just dealing with catastrophes, but sadly now it seems we have no unity when trying to deal with the next crisis we have brought upon the planet. They use the fact we have repaired the ozone layer as a way to deny the science behind it and behind the current climate crisis. Instead of saying this was an issue, but we fixed it, instead they say well it was never an issue because it disappeared. They choose to listen to ignorance and hate themselves and brush off anything reasonable or factual that goes against their view. Perhaps democracy can no longer work when the masses are so easy to manipulate and are so wilful and even prideful in their ignorance

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