Jun 20 2015 - Jun 20 2015

Untitled Blog Post: 2015-06-20

Well Diana's been bed-ridden, basically, the last week. She pulled a hip muscle during delivery, so it's extremely hard for her to walk, so it hasn't quite been the vacation I've wanted, but still been enjoying my time with Ryder. I was hoping to get out more and stuff, though it's hard for her to leave the house.

So much writing I want to do, barely get computer time now. Want to fix up my last story and write my Shadow Person story. Love my new work area in the garage though. Was thinking of getting a laptop and working in there, kid and cat free.

Took a dip in the pool, water wasn't so bad, bit dirty, but hard to find time to keep it clean. Not sure if I've mentioned this but my Arbitrary Day Santa got me an awesome book/manga, Attack on Titan Colossal edition 1.

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