Jun 19 2020 - Jun 19 2020

Today's Thoughts: 2020-06-19

The media has always been a bit about controlling people, influencing them to sway their opinions, the court of public opinion. Even more so with social media now. The next form of media control. Now it's people controlling people, mob rule, follow the hive mind or get pushed out. More and more platforms that would be neutral are swinging one way or another way. Pushing people away from each other into echo chambers. Divide the people. No more understanding something that is different just push against other views because you are right and anything they do is wrong. More and more lines to divide.

I'm from the south park era. Everything is funny and should be poked at. Doesn't mean you hate it, make a religious joke doesn't mean you hate it. There is a difference between humour and reality. With humour you can say things you don't have a belief in. You understand just because for example (to not be offensive) a chicken crossing the road is funny, in reality you won't go around slingshotting chickens across roads.

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