Apr 27 2020 - Apr 27 2020

Sweet Ryder : 2020-04-27

Ryder can be the absolute sweetest big brother. Him and Logan were playing moto cross 4 and Ryder won every time. Then it was bedtime and they had to go upstairs. Logan was upset he never won, so Ryder said let's race to the top of the stairs. Then halfway up Ryder said ow he had something in his foot. He didn't, just trying to let Logan win.

But it didn't work out, Logan stopped and said are you okay Ryder? Do you need help up Ryder? Ryder telling him to go ahead and Logan just stopped. So then they kept going up the stairs, and Ryder froze right at the top so Logan could win. Then he was so excited for Logan, "way to go Logan, you did it. So awesome".

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