Jul 27 2020 - Jul 27 2020

Summeer Will End Soon: 2020-07-27

Everyone so stuck on making their bubbles. "Unfriend me if you are this or don't be friends if you are that". They look for a reason to not be friends with you, 1 thing is a deal breaker. They don't look at all the things you have in common or can talk about, just 1 thing is a breaking point and boom they make their bubble of just those who agree with them stronger. And now with maskies and anti maskers it's just one more way for people to sub divide, make more bubbles to enforce, don't listen to others, don't challenge themselves. And I find it is mostly the maskies who will block or stop talking to the anti maskers, they have that righteousness about them that suddenly makes all their actions seem okay because it's for the common good. You wouldn't normally unfriend someone you disagree with on something, but this is righteous so it's fine to forget any morals or ethics you have.

And reddit has started to really suck. No more dark or disturbing humour. All left is sickipedia but don't get the jokes like used to. Used to be about just nothing off limits, joke about it all. Lately it's all just racist jokes to be edgy, which fine nothing off limits, but to me it seems its less now about nothing being off limits and finding humour in that, saying things can't always reasonably say. Not it's just to hide racism. Not even some humour to them like the adult jokes, so I understand why reddit took action, it was a lot of hidden racism. Like if you joke about everything fine, but seems most jokes were directed at a few select groups and lacked a punchline besides "insert offensive comment".

Don't get lazy or complacent. Life is always evolving and you need to as well. Switch up your routine, exercise more, remember the internet isn't a real place, but can affect your reality. Drink more water. Work on your cardio. If everything is taken from you at least you can still try to have your health. One thing you can control more than anyone. If you can bike to work do it. Don't get hung up on the past, or always look to the future, but enjoy the moment.

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