Aug 04 2020 - Aug 04 2020

Steps Backward: 2020-08-04

Just take steps backwards. From the fire and losing everything now just keep losing things because of entitled fucking assholes. Working hard is useless when someone just comes and takes your efforts from you. Got lucky in a social once and won tools, then lose the drill battery by someone who thinks its worth it to go into other people's property. Play station VR, yet another bike gone and can't afford to replace shit. Money keeps going down, savings keep going down. Cut so much shit out of life already, happiness long gone just to try to break even. Money money money. Then someone just takes it in an instant. Set back after setback 1 loss after another. Turtle pizza shooter, hoodies and shirts and clothes and toys lost lost lost. Life is loss. Barely holding on to what you have before assholes take it away. Done being kind. Karma doesn't exist, people just Fu k you over without caring. They don't care if I can safely get to work in winter or not.

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