Aug 28 2020 - Aug 28 2020

Society of Fear: 2020-08-28

The terrorists won. They caused fear, they changed how the world works. We now go from one media driven fear to another, constant 24 hours, more news than you can watch, or verify or understand. The world is huge and it's all being thrown at us constantly from various directions. NBC news, Fox news, local news, CNN, endless. And people cave in to fear, or what is and what will be. They are scared of disease and others are scared for their freedom.

To be able to break away from society, live on your own, that would be great. Have some land, start a farm. But all the history of humanity that is rare. Some lucky people may have an island they can sustain themselves on. Wandering tribes, but always someone comes along to ruin it for others, to take what isn't theirs, to bully, kill, steal, pillage. And the world is more full than ever before, making it harder to do. All land is owned now, you can't just go off and have a farm. You need to buy the land and pay taxes, there's no breaking away. You are by virtue of existence, stuck in society.

So you try to make best of it, lobby others for change. Look to the present, or to the future. But it will never be perfect, some battles you win, some you lose. Sometimes emotions win, sometimes we follow the logical path. And no matter what someone isn't happy. If you are, someone else isn't.

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