Apr 18 2020 - Apr 18 2020

Respect: 2020-04-18

We are all just people. That's all that matters really, have no idea past or history, the millions of thoughts that make up a person. All just get through this the way we do. Actions, thoughts, it's all meaningless in the end, a person today is not the same as them a year ago. People change, become better or worse. me 10 years ago would answer things differently than me now, there are millions of mes. So a person is just what they are , and should be respected for just being a person who is existing.

We are all equal and authority or position of power shouldn't denote any extra respect or compliance. We should all just respect each other as humans and be kind to each other as such. Like I don't respect the prime minister as a position, but I do as a person.

This is why I don't really feel any extra loyalty to friends. Everyone in the world is a friend who should be respected and helped if we can. We are human, animals, whatever, just help each other. If they are doing something I find morally wrong I won't help or support, if they are doing something I feel is good I will help or support them. Regardless if they helped me in the past, that help doesn't give them a "Free pass" to my help if it's something I don't agree with. Right is right and wrong is wrong to me, though it isn't an absolute, the journey and the destination matter. So much to take into account, history and thoughts, intention, the action, ramifications. But should always set feelings and emotions aside, no special treatment for a friend, I will treat everyone equally because the world is my friend and we are all just people floating on through. Don't owe people anything besides being a respectful person myself, as expect others to respect me as a creature of this world.

It does get more complicated if you know people. Trust and relationships are built. I could be more willing to do something for someone, or drop something to go help them based on history, I just would not abandon my code to do so. Like I would be more likely to help someone I know if I had to choose, but I would just always help people. But regardless how much they have done in the past I wouldn't do something I disagreed with.

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