Mar 22 2020 - Mar 22 2020

No Title: 2020-03-22

Spoilers: God/The afterlife doesn't exist. This is it. This is what our existence is, and then won't be, this is all we have, and when it's over it is over and there will be nothing. Do with it what you will, but it doesn't matter, there is no meaning to any of it, it all just ends. Morality is just human made to keep society and people in order, mutually beneficial, you are good to people, they are good to you, so things can continue on, there is nothing diving, no divine laws. Morals can change as we need to keep people happy and as we learn and become more empathetic, which in turn means we as a whole are better. Protect the individuals and the whole. Though in the end all of us, our existence ends, our thoughts and feelings end, and everything we created will be destroyed. Be your own god, because that's as good as anything.

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