Apr 02 2020 - Apr 02 2020

Non Essential: 2020-04-02

I'd like to start off with some positive things the children do that I may not mention. They all like to say timber instead of fall. Like "Oh no I am going to timber" or "You are making me timber"! It is so adorable. As well Logan may be my sweetheart with his smile and cuddles, but Amelia is my helper. Anytime I get her anything she loves to hand it out to the others, especially her sister. She always waits if I give her something and demands a second one for her sister.

I always thought of what I did as somewhat essential. I mean everyone needs to eat at least, always be work to do. But now everyone has gone into full blown panic about this and everything is shut down, restaurants are closed besides deliveries, so I'm not needed. If I was chef or sous chef like I should be at least I'd have work doing that, or owning my own corner store, could keep that going. Some position of responsibility, but I have none. And I just get older and older, and more tired, and matter less and less until I just disappear into the nothing.

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