Sep 24 2020 - Sep 25 2020

Life Update: 2020-09-24

So ended up closing the daycare. Things have been tough and it seemed better for me right now to be more available to work at the restaurant full time. Really miss it already, loved the daycare kids. It wasn't quite what I wanted anymore with the licensing process, and I have been tired all the time so not being energetic enough with them (I blame Amelia for that lol). Logan really misses them too, spent all day playing with them, his best friends. Wish could have won the lottery and not deal with silly licensing requirements and altering the house in ways we didn't want to alter it and just let the kids enjoy being together.

I also just found out to his heart condition Calvin needs to be killed now so he no longer is suffering, as he likely won't last long anyway. He was incredibly annoying, non-stop licking, never leaves your hands alone. He was very cuddly with everyone and friendly to anyone who came into the house, licking their hair, loved Doug's shoes. Loved having his teeth rubbed (he would "smile" so you could rub his teeth. He got along so well with the other cats, sometimes they would fight each other, but never him, he was the one they all cuddled, kind of like the dad of the family. Used to call him "Ralvin" all the time, and then "Old Man". It's been hard seeing him suffer the last few weeks, then get better then start suffering again. He was the 3rd cat we got after Cinnamon and Shadow, and everyone was always fascinated by how orange he was, vets even would say how rare it is. I wish he could have children himself to carry on his legacy, but times we live in that's not really possible. He was my boy, my companion. He would sleep under the blankets with me all the time, once he settled down enough to sleep, right between my legs, Shadow usually on my face. I will miss and love you Calvin, I wish we could have had so many more years together and this house just won't be the same without your constant presence, never shy, loved the dogs and cats and humans equally.

He had such a loud purr, so full of love for everyone in the house, always one to purr, I never remember him really growling or hissing ever. He had a white mouse he loved for years, would be meowing middle of night chasing it around, walking around with it in his mouse. He would sleep with it a lot. He was originally Calvin Klein when we got from the apartment off Kijiji. When I yawn he would always come to put to sleep with lots of licks and kneading. If we couldn't find him when he was young I would yawn and he would appear from anywhere in the house and run to bed. After the 4 kids we had to sleep with him out of the room to try to get some sleep most nights, as he would just wake up every hour and start licking you, wish I could have slept with him more, let him in our room, but he would never let you sleep.

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