Apr 20 2020 - Apr 20 2020

Laws: 2020-04-20

I think most of the 10 are just "don't tread on me" expanded. It starts off like that, then you have to say what that means. Don't kill me. Don't fuck my wife (without consent). Don't steal from me. Then that gets expanded on. Don't kill my pets, don't kill my plants, don't damage my property. Longer society lasts the more rules it makes to expand on and cover every case. I think society needs a clean slate now and then. Start fresh. New framework every 100 years or so. Keep it simple. But it's all just layers on the basic commands. Speed limits are about not killing or hurting others. Don't hurt me, but how? Speed limits for one. Law is just listing the ways because common sense is only common to so many. Like look at Gamers, longer we go more rules we have. All basically the "Be respectful" rule expanded, treat others nicely. No call outs because all that leads to 99% of the time is insults. All our rules are basically just ways to tell people to be respectful. All the laws are is a giant list of ways to not tread on others basically. But if it lasts too long it gets too complicated and it defeats the purpose. By trying to protect us as individuals then have to treat us as a mob and we slowly lose that sense of protection, needs of the many for the needs of the few.

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