Jun 27 2020 - Jun 27 2020

Labels: 2020-06-27

Not one for labelling myself. Bisexual, straight, gay, Russian, Irish, Canadian, whatever. Just a person, who is me. Labels just come with per-conceived notions to try to fit a person within that framework, sorting people because it makes it easier to deal with groups and not individuals. But no one ever fits perfectly into a label, we are all unique and different. I'm the Ryan label and that's it.

I'm not patriotic, I really don't like patriotism. To me it seems like unreasonable love of a country just because it's that country. Like I am proud of Canada for what it has done good, but I also acknowledge we have done a lot of shitty things. I am proud of the good we do and have, because it is good, not because it is Canadian. We are very lucky to be where we are, and we need to work hard to maintain that. Being unreasonably proud, not understanding all the hard work that went into it, that needs to keep going into it. We aren't awesome because we are Canada, we are awesome because of all the people who make us up. And we need to keep coming together and working hard to make Canada and the world a better place.

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