Sep 10 2020 - Sep 11 2020

If The Human Body Was Our Planet And Our Cells Were People.: 2020-09-10

There is no heaven, there is no after life to escape to. This is all we have and we have destroyed it. That is how we have to think of things, as this planet as our only home and refuge. Soon we will have no home, no life and no one will care. We are stuck on this planet we have helped to doom, along with all the other life on it.

If the human body was our planet, I can imagine our cells having similar conversations.

  • "But this body has been around forever, it will be around long after us too. So what if we die, us cancer cells can't really hurt the body itself, we have no effect, look how big it is, it'll be fine.
  • "There isn't even any proof that eating all this fat will give us a heart attack. If we were going to have one it would just happen anyway, it's out of our control and the food we eat has no affect on the heart."
  • "I trust the brain cells, they would always look out for us and think long term."
  • "We've survived being shot in the leg before so I'm sure we will survive being shot in the head."

We need to stop calling it climate change, change is too weak a word. I'm implies there will still be a livable atmosphere, an environment for life. This is climate collapse. Sure some life may survive in the depths of the ocean, but it is unlikely they will have the chance to evolve the way they did again with th surface inhospitable. We think our planet invincible, beyond us, but it is fragile as any other life. Dead is dead, no coming back from that. And this will be a dead world like Mars or Venus. We think some humans will survive, they will not. We may very well be looking at the last generation.

We will not deal with the climate collapse in the logical rational way we need to due to the social state of the world. Thorium/fusion, whatever technology we need won't get the funding and support it needs in time due to in fighting and wars over ideologies, resources, etc. Division within countries is too great and we can't even focus on reducing emissions, much less reversing them. We don't need a miracle technology we need to start with personal responsibility, and responsibility on a global scale.

We can't let this planet be thrown away. I want our children to have I future. I want our children to want to have children.

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