Feb 17 2020 - Feb 17 2020

Hate Work: 2020-02-17

Work rant time. I love washing dishes but hate how they do it. I would much much rather have the servers stack the dishes instead of rack them. Just do a proper scraping and pile them up, then I could wash them properly instead of so much crud, parsley and paper doilies ending up in the machine. If they just scrapped instead of racking would be so much easier, then would keep the machine clean and know the dishes come out clean. Never mind how slow that machine is.

Then because of their messed up system always have to have racks out taking up most of the counter space, making it more annoying to organize and plan and sort. With these big racks being pushed at me. I'll do the plates when I want to do them. Let them pile up and I can rack myself, better, just all the saucers on one, all the oval plates on one when there is enough. So much easier if I do it myself to put away instead of some hodge podge.

Then have people trying to help me. Keep putting big dishes on the racks, which I then have to take off and properly clean anyway, and just makes the servers racking even worse of a mess. Putting non cutlery in the cutlery bus tub, line spoons and ladles, and who knows what. I sort of get the ramekins, but still prefer they don't go in there. It is very simple, the racks I am forced to put on the counter are for plates ONLY and the cutlery tub is for CUTLERY ONLY. So they don't fill up unexpectedly fast and have the servers fucking asking me for racks, when all I want is for it to be scrapped and piled up anyway to be dealt with properly. If racked like plates with like plates could fit so much more on a rack, be more organized and easier all around.

And of course I can't say anything, just keep it in my head, letting it build up inside me, letting small things become the end of the world because I am not in charge like I should be. I don't own my own place. All I want to do is be the one to make decisions, to work hard, have a convenience store, save up for a restaurant. But the world is fucking ending and I have nothing. No management anywhere not chef or sous, will never be an owner or improve things. So many great and potential gone to waste. Will never be happy anywhere I work, having to listen to others. At least I used to be sous and work hard on improving cleaning and the menu and everything, but I wasn't the owner and they have no understanding, silly rules and cameras in the back. I get so mad at work when they don't do it the way I would like, but I'll never say anything, just snap again at some point, story of my life.

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