Aug 13 2015 - Aug 13 2015

Generic Advice: 2015-08-13

We are not long for this existence, our lifespan is but a blink of a blink of the wake of this universe. That doesn't mean we can't have meaning though. We can bring great joy, and great sorrow. Be kind and forgiving, have eternal patience for those around you, see things from their perspective. Have courtesy and compassion not only for your equals, but for those beneath you as well. Your equals may not always be your equals, and those above and beneath you may not always be so. Don't let your heart dwell endlessly in the past, that which has already been, or gaze eternally into the future, speculating on what is to be, but live your life full of joy. Bring joy to those around you, don't be dull, be a wave of happiness that sweeps everyone along. Be true and honest, be your own person. You are not perfect, and never will be, don't let that slow you down but compel you forwards.

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