Jun 05 2020 - Jun 05 2020

End Times: 2020-06-05

It is becoming clearer and clearer we are in the end times now. No religious make-believe cult, but just clear scientific evidence our time on this planet is up, and we did not advance enough to start to have colonies elsewhere in time. Our days are numbered, likely in decades.

As anyone who has a dedicated hobby in fish tanks know carbon causes the pH in your tank to drop, making it more acidic. The water in the tank relies on a very delicate balances that is easy to upset. A slight change in pH by just a few factors can greatly alter the balanced ecosystem causing your plants or fish to die as they can only live in a very limited range. The same for temperature, a few degrees difference may suddenly make your fish a lot less likely to survive or do well.

A fish tank is small, the ocean is bigger. Much much bigger. So it can take a lot more carbon, and changes in temperature to affect the overall ecosystem. It has mechanisms to deal with excess carbon, but that takes time. We are overloading the oceans with carbon faster than it can deal with it, the temperatures are rising, and the water is becoming more acidic as the pH continues to drop. At some point the algae will no longer be able to thrive, and there goes our main supply of oxygen. We will all start to slowly choke to death as our atmosphere becomes harder and harder to breathe in.

This can take months or years as the algae starts to die off. This is also an exponential process so once it starts it will quickly accelerate as well. This is likely to happen in a few decades. There is no long term thinking anymore, our time is simply up. Too little too late, too many egos in the way, too much denying and fake news. Maybe if we made a giant world wide concentrated effort to not only stop polluting, but reverse everything we could have a chance of it not being completely horrible, but it is very likely we will die off, along with most life on the earth. It may take a billion years for Earth to recover, if it does. Welcome to the great filter.

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