Jun 07 2020 - Jun 07 2020

End Times 2: 2020-06-07

Continued from http://absurdity981.com/endtimes2505.php. This is a more personal look at it.

I realize that it is very likely I will not have the joys of grand children. It is likely we will not survive long enough for that to happen, or that if we do the children will make the choice not to continue any procreation for the benefits of the planet.

People say oh so what if we die off, the planet can heal. But why wouldn't you do your best to try to help the human species and all the others on the planet right now. We will likely take most if not all life with us. The acidification of the ocean, the pollution. And when we go let's not forget the nuclear power plants and waste.

I write this site mostly thinking when we go that maybe this will be part of some aliens research, only hope of living on. Of course will never know and it is very unlikely. I think maybe the internet will live on in servers and hard drives as an archive of humanity, why I want to get more media up. But they would need to be able to decode it and understand everything. Chances are this is it, and doesn't matter anyway as will be dead.

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