Jan 15 2020 - Jan 15 2020

Climate "Debate": 2020-01-15

It's Christmas dinner and the whole family is over. One of your children raises the alarm that there are armed gunmen outside setting up heavy machinery aimed at the house. Your aunt said something earlier but everyone had thought it was a joke for the most part. You can see them clearly through the windows yourself, getting ready to do some major damage to your home. You are on an island and there is really nowhere to go right now.

Grandpa still insists there is no one out there, and they are taking so long to get going he'll probably be dead before any real gunfire takes place anyway. Uncle Joe agrees they are there but doesn't want to do anything about it because he doesn't know why they are there, and they probably come along every now and then anyway so why fight it, sure we can just hunker down if things actually do get any sort of dire. You think they are probably there though because of your family's involvement in the mob, and especially all the hits everyone has been putting out lately against everyone.

You have a gun, you think can at least slow them down, maybe if lucky try to fight it so it isn't so bad. House might even take less damage and you think at least some of the family will survive. Aunt Karen disagrees and says it isn't worth the price of ammunition to fight it, that we can't be spending money on uncertainties. You half wonder if she's too concerned with making money from all the assassinations she does for hire and doesn't realize she won't be able to make any more profit if everyone is dead. You feel at least a little effort could be good, instead of just waiting. The kids seem to be the only ones trying to do anything, set up fortifications, try to talk to others to join in, and maybe stop putting out all these hits. But most of the adults scorn them instead of trying to offer any meaningful help.

The bullets have started to fly now, Grandpa can hear them, he can't deny that, but they are normal and nothing to worry about, maybe even being fired by someone in the house to get everyone to panic. Joe agrees. Karen pays Joe behind the couch for a consultation fee. They say the children can't complain while still getting the benefits from the hits the family puts out, which by the time they'll actually be in a position to stop there will be no way of slowing down the gunmen.

And that about sums up the climate "debate" right now in my eyes. I could go on and on with this metaphor I'm sure all the nuances of the debate. If I'm wrong I guess this blog will be here a long time, if not it'll probably disappear with the rest of humanity.

EDIT: To those who would use religion as a means of shirking responsibility: There may be natural causes as well, but can not also deny humanity's part in it. If god does exist he also give us free will which we have clearly used, and that comes with consequences. We can't just say this is god's will and leave things be, that is too dangerous of an idea, we need to live and act within the reality of our world to continue. We have diverted rivers, created dams, changed the air we breathe and the oceans. It is hard to deny the affects we have had on the planet, from farming practices to hunting.

And even in the slight chance we don't play a part in this, there is no denying that it is occurring and we are screwed if we don't do all we can to try to prevent the worst of the repercussions from happening.

Religion has been an issue for humanity for a long time, starting wars, using it as a means of pushing hate. Beliefs to help us deal with the idea of death, though may ironically be pushing us to total death as a species. Hate towards those of different beliefs, sexual orientations, "morals", the way they have tried to force others to live. It is time we drop this if we wish to go into the future as a species. Admit we die, and move on. Learn from it and keep going.Shed our past to take on the future and survive. It may have been needed at one time, but if we don't learn to do without it will just hold us back now, to the point we will lose the planet, and just keep hating each other for no reason.

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