Aug 02 2020 - Aug 02 2020

Bike Stolen : 2020-08-02

Had my winter bike stolen. Either during the day or last night. Again our garage is gone through, also took a battery for the drill, 18V. Feels so violating, and then you feel invalidated and blamed. For not locking up, for not having better security. Have to guard your possessions at all times, because that's the world we live in. A vicious world that just gets worse. People feel entitled to your things that you work hard for and mean something to you that means nothing to them but money. People will eat each other alive, fuck over the whole world to get themselves ahead. Selfish terrible people, look at climate change, look how we treat each other at large. The world is hopeless and a person would burn fields to feed themselves for a year and starve the next, only short term thinking, fixated on themselves. Always going to be someone out there trying to ruin your day, to get ahead on your back, on your blood and sweat, and tears.

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