Jun 04 2020 - Jun 04 2020

All Lives Matter: 2020-06-04

All lives matter. Yes of course they do, it is basic common sense. No one is more important than another. We are all humans on this mortal existence, temporarily here to live and think, and then disappear. Death gets us all. But in the realm of public discussion, sometimes people will bring to the forefront a particular issue, when they are doing so they are not trying to invalidate others, but deal with a particular issue that can be improved on. Responding with all lives matter is incredibly dismissive. Yes it is true, but it isn't the point or what people are trying to talk about. All lives matter, but right now people are trying to talk about black lives. There are countless metaphors online right now, if your neighbours house is on fire, now isn't the time to be worrying about yours. If someone is talking about cancer and fundraising, now isn't the time to talk about AIDS, save that for the AIDS fundraiser. If someone is speaking about women's rights, let them. If someone is talking about men's issues, let them. Everyone deserves their own space and to be heard, regardless of the issue.

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