Aug 06 2016 - Aug 06 2016

Miss Jean Louis: 2016-08-06

Miss Jean Louis was a lonely and desolate woman. From the young age of 15 she was living from dumpster to dumpster. Finding scraps of food wherever she could. She would sit on the street corner and beg for money, only to be spit on and told to "get lost". She roamed the streets at all hours of the night, discovering new places she believed were her little secret. She wondered around the city of Chicago, until she lucked into the chance of a lifetime! When she was 20 years old, she ran into her angel.

Miss Jean Louis didn't realize it at the time of course. One night, as she was strolling the streets, she happened upon an unsightly scene. She was so shocked, she stopped in her tracks. Coming straight for her was a giant elephant. Who would expect an elephant to be stampeding down the streets of Chicago? In a matter of seconds, her life flashed before her eyes. There was no way she was going to get out of this situation unscathed. It wasn't the most interesting flashback. Growing up in an orphanage will do that to a person. By the time Miss Jean came to, she was on the opposite side of the street, laying on the ground, with a man right on top of her!

She immediately pushed the man off, got quite angry for the predicament he put her into and stormed off. It wasn't until moments later, she had realized what truly happened. She ran back to where the elephant had tried to crush her, but her angel had disappeared. She ran all over, searching from one street to the next, hoping that she would find her angel.

Three weeks passed and she still hadn't seen her angel anywhere. She was starting to think she had imagined the whole thing. That afternoon her angel had decided to make an appearance again. He always seemed to be saving someone from danger. She was in the middle of dumpster diving when she heard a noise coming from down the back alley. She slowly poked her head out to see what was going on. There he was! He was a tall, dark haired, very handsome man. Had a long trench coat with a suit underneath. He was trying to solve a dispute between two people that thought their best solution was their fists.

Miss Jean couldn't believe what she was seeing. She quickly jumped out of the dumpster as fast as she could and ran right for her angel. She wouldn't let him get away this time, no matter what she did! Well of course she had forgotten there was a fight going on. She ran right into the fist of one of the arguing gentlemen. It made a connection with her right eye, but she didn't care. She just kept running right for her angel. She stopped a mere three feet from where he stand, exasperated and in pain. She stood there staring at him. No one said a word. They were so surprised by the strange happenings that they all just stood there entranced for a minute. Finally, one of the men that were fighting broke the silence. He started laughing. Laughing like you wouldn't believe. You couldn't help join in. Once they all stopped laughing, she looked into her angels eyes, thanked him profusely and insisted she had to buy him a cup of coffee (even though she had no money to buy it with). He agreed and insisted he would pay, almost like he knew what she was thinking.

She walked slightly in front of her angel, leading him to a coffee shop she thought was one of her little secrets. It was a quiet place, at the very end of a dead end. She had only ever seen a few people walk into the cafe, yet it seemed to make enough money to stay open. The door creaked as we entered. It was a well lit little cafe with only two other patrons and the barista. We ordered our coffees, sat down at the furthest table and her angel spoke first. "I have been waiting for the right moment to say this. I need your help. I need you to come with me and help me complete my list of random acts, Some of which will seem impossible and test every fibre in your body. You will have to use your mind and body. It will be emotionally tolling. You will travel all over the world and communicate with all sorts of people. We have to start now. Time is of the essence."

Miss Jean thought for a moment. She wasn't sure she wanted to leave everything behind. She may not have had a house to live in, but Chicago felt like home to her. She knew she would never be given this opportunity again. She sat there thinking thoughtfully for what seemed like forever. There was not a word from her angels mouth, again as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. At long last, she said quietly, "I'm in."

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