Apr 09 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Water Usage: 2010-04-09

I have been a bit more environmentally aware as of late (at the very least to save some money), and have taken up recycling and composting (as soon as the bin is finished). I got the water bill for the past three months, we used 545 cubic feet of water in the last 88 days. That is about 6.2 cubic feet a day. For a household of two (plus our many animals) this doesn't seem so bad, however I think I can improve it, or at least maintain it during the summer. When summer comes around I plan on using more water for the garden, outdoors etc. Because of this I plan on installing a rain barrel to water the garden/lawn to at least maintain the water use I have now. The biggest reduction I can think of making is purchasing a new toilet. I have been looking at some toilets, trying to find one that suits our needs, and I hope to cut water waste from the toilet by at least half.

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