May 01 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Water Problems: 2010-05-01

So we have at least several cracks in the basement, and today it rained and the basement flooded. We have been moping for a while and taken everything upstairs, it's going to be a pain to fix. We are going to try to seal it ourselves tomorrow and hopefully that works.

Diana's skin problems are apparently stress related (duh), and she can be a very stressed out person. So the water does not seem to help reduce her stress, but she has medication now too, so we'll see if that helps. As well my nose is annoying in it's constant bleeding (at least once a week for a while now). That's life, same shit different day, and I'm somehow still loving it.

I have managed to unplug the freezer, saving a bit of energy, however with the water problems we have I went and bought a dehumidifier so it kind of evens out I guess.

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