Dec 09 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Usual Goings Ons: 2010-12-09

This Week has gone by pretty well, things at work have been going smoothly, got the work Christmas party tomorrow to cook for, it goes until eleven so if I'm off at ten I might hang around a bit after wards. On Sunday I have the kids Christmas party to cook for, very easy so no worries there. I haven't been getting much done at home as I've been waking up just before I have to leave, which is what I miss most about biking is how early I have to leave before I go to work now. Runescape has been coming along slowly, still another 6 quests to catch up on, just haven't had enough time to play lately, as I go straight to bed shortly after I get home from work, don't even have the weekend, just Saturday, and I like to spend that with Diana. So far the only ones who have seem to be commenting on my blog are bots, which I've had to delete, so I need to update the Captcha making it harder for them, but keeping it easy for humans; so I will change the questions to non-mathematical questions, but still keeping them simple. I guess the good thing about taking the bus is it gives me a couple of hours each day to write/read now, which makes me happy as I haven't read anything in so long. I feel the two are tied closely together, if I want to write more I need to read more.

Things I remember, in elementary school the back of the school was for recess, we weren't allowed in the front. The back was divided up into different sections depending on your grade, the younger grades got the play structures, the older ones got the field, so it sucked to get older cause all you got was a field. When I was in the younger grades I would spend my time digging holes using the red sticks that came with out snacks. The teachers would always fill them in later, so I'd get creative where I put my holes, I'd start digging underneath play structures, under the slides, in corners etc. The best was right underneath the slides, I remember getting a few nice deep ones, and I guess cause no one could trip over them the teachers didn't care as much about filling them in either. So that's how I spent grades 1-2, as well as the other usual childish antics. After wards in grade 3 I was moved to the other end of the play structures, which had the monkey bars etc, so there wasn't any good digging to be had as the teachers always made me cover it up at the end of recess, as there was nowhere I could hide the holes.

I remember some time in my early grades I was obsessed with Transformers, and I would pretend to be a robot and transform into a tank. I would sneak onto the grade 6 field and play with them, I guess they found me entertaining as they let me play with them. They would usually send me on missions to bug other people, attacks, spying etc. I would usually get into trouble for the attacks, throwing rocks etc, especially when it was the teachers, but it as all in a robots duty. They might of been trying to get rid of me, passing me off one to another, but I don't care I had a lot of fun with my imagination pretending to transform.

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