Jun 30 2021 - Jul 01 2021

Trees Trimmed: 2021-06-30

So I guess someone called and they came and cut the bottom 10 feet of branches off the tree in the front. Knew this day would come but fuck it sucks. Government controls everything, even how trees are allowed to look. I was being so careful to trim them as they grew so they would stay away from the sidewalk and the street, and it was almost becoming magical, like an actual forest. Used to remember the "forest" by my house, that's all houses now as well. More and more magic is gone from this world, but after years of trimming it had kind of made a tree doorway, that's all gone now, and we have a lot less shade in the front of the house, and less privacy, everything seems so exposed and open now.

Looks so ugly and unnatural compared to how a tree should look. Ask a child to draw a tree they will have a horrifyingly long brown trunk then some green at the top. This isn't how trees are supposed to look or grow. If in no one's way why not leave it? This is part of why kids don't play outside so much anymore. Why don't kids climb trees? Because there's at least 2 meters before the first strong branch. There are no trees you can climb. That's our life now, as the world withers away we lose our connection to nature. No more tree forts or climbing trees.

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