Jul 19 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Tokyo: Day Two: 2010-07-19

Today we went to the Disney Sea Resort. We spent the whole day there, walking around, having some food, going on the rides. It was an easy start to our vacation and we got a sense of the language, somewhat, and improved our communication skills. By the end of the day we were able to order food much more efficiently than before, and we were getting used to everything being in yen. I got slightly burnt on the back of my neck and Diana now has a red face. We're not too sure what to do tomorrow, probably head into Tokyo, after sleeping in. We will go to Disney Land Resort another day, perhaps closer to the end of the trip. The internet costs about $12 a day, so we are only go to use it every couple of days.

The sea resort was great, really big area to walk around in, and their Fastpass system is a really nice way to quickly get into a ride. Basically everyone gets one Fastpass every few hours, and that lets them get in a much quicker line. That way you get the pass and quickly go on a ride, wait in line for a few rides and then get another Fastpass. Every area had its own themed restaurant, and their was a great variety to eat as you wandered the park. After going on the Tower of Terror we found a shaking Mickey who shakes when you pulled his tail. As I write this there are 83 yen to a dollar, so 1000 yen is about 12 dollars, and 10000 yen is around 120. A good thing to remember when converting all the prices when deciding whether or not to buy something.

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