Jul 20 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Tokyo: Day Three: 2010-07-20

Spent the day in the Ginza district of Japan trying to shop. It was rather unorganized and confusing, and we didn't really buy much. We got lost way too often and just kind of spent the day wandering around. We figured out the train system though so that's a plus. Got a hat and that's about it, didn't see anything that really caught my interest. Having internet access has its ups and downs, while I can still Wrangle Fish, and check Facebook and stuff, I also learned our cats are fighting in our absence and the basement is flooded. Diana says she's going to have more of a plan for tomorrow, so hopefully things will go better. It's really frustrating not knowing the language, all the signs mostly, since I like reading everything but can't now. Wish we came better prepared.

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