Jul 25 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Tokyo: Day Seven: 2010-07-25

We started the day off by going for sushi. It was quite different as there were very few rolls and more sashimi. The wasabi was a lot more potent than I was used to and each piece I ate made my eyes water and nose flare. We almost finished it but I couldn't take the wasabi anymore. Everything came with fish soup which seemed to be miso soup with pieces of fatty fish in it. The language barrier wasn't too bad, but when Diana asked for water she got a fork. We remembered to bow to the chef as we left, something I remembered from my research. We then spent the rest of the day shopping, it was hard on my feet but worth it, I got a sword and some num-chuks. We got all our gifts today as well as some Japanese porn. The old man in the porn shop was very friendly, easily the friendliest person we've met at the market, asking us all sorts of questions about Canada, and telling us about his boss and his life here. While Diana was off doing her own shopping a woman saw her rash on her neck and tsked; and then started rubbing ointment on her neck. At the porn shop there were panties in bags, and envelopes (I'm pretty sure that's what was in them). I wasn't sure if they were used or not so didn't get them. We spent the whole day happy, and Diana is starting to loosen up a bit and talk about women with me again. Also I noticed when Diana bows her head when paying for items she is like a bobble-head, up and down.

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