Jul 28 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Tokyo: Day Nine: 2010-07-28

Today we went to the Osaka aquarium, it was very nice but a little too crowded, making it hard to see the exhibits if you didn't have enough patience. The giant aquarium they had there was nice, you got to go around and around it till you got to the bottom. There were lots of great fish, and water-based mammals. Afterward we went to Universal Studios and had a blast. All the rides were great and they ended the whole thing with a parade. Afterward we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some drinks. Now this is where Japanese serving culture gets annoying, halfway through she brings us the bill, doesn't ask if we want it just drops it off. Now this would be fine but we were still ordering drinks, so she ends up printing another bill and bringing it with the next round of drinks. After this we felt bad and stopped ordering and tried to head home. This is where we got into some problems, the bullet trains had stopped running. We managed to get to Kyoto and stayed at a hotel there over night, and then got up really early and headed back to Tokyo to stay at our hotel.

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