Jul 22 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Tokyo: Day Four: 2010-07-22

Spent the day at the hotel today, we went for a nice walk by the harbour, after having the breakfast buffet. A baby spilled their drink all over the floor and it was cleaned up very quickly, staff was very fast and helpful, what I've been coming to expect from here. Ordered room service later on, which involved a lot of bowing and thank you's. Getting used to all of this. Went mini-golfing and attempted to find the indoor pool, but got lost a few times. We spent most of the afternoon planning out the rest of our trip and we've figured everything out for the rest of the honeymoon. I'm most excited for climbing Mt. Fuji. It was good that we rested yesterday, helped us get over our burns, especially Diana, just a little burnt on my nose and neck now, hopefully it will tan soon, half my neck is tanned and the other half is still red. My nose doesn't usually tan so I expect it to be red for a while.

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