Jul 25 2010 - Aug 11 2013

Tokyo: Day Eight: 2010-07-25

One of the things I've noticed is a lack of hand-drying in most of the restrooms I go to. I leave often with wet hands. The police here are really nice, and often give you directions if they see you looking at a map. I think I've figured out the reason for all the vending machines, when you buy something at a store there seem to be a lot of formalities to go through, vending machines make it a lot easier to buy something. As far as the reputation Japan has for them, they mostly seem to just be smokes and drinks, I've only seen one that serves food so far. Diana had some problems taking cash out of the machine, I think she just exceeded her limit but she freaked out for a bit.

We went to Nikko later on, didn't do much as we went a little late and they seemed closed; bit of a shame. I feel bad as I think it was my sore feet that made Diana turn back, even though I was fine to continue. My efforts in translating the manja book I bought aren't going well, I think I need to buy another dictionary that would make translations easier, I'm not liking the one I bought.

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