Jan 07 2016 - Jan 07 2016

Thoughts: 2016-01-07

I like having a diverse team surrounding me, everyone keeps everyone in check and from doing stupid shit, always at least one person disagrees with something but can get along. Helps us realize when we are being asses when we don't all agree. Don't want to surround myself with those who share same opinion all the time, but those who challenge my opinions. How I feel anyway. You don't need yes men or a echo chamber, but you need to be challenged, you need friends that challenge you, your thoughts and beliefs and ideas. If we agree with everything then you start to see the world a different way, thinking you are right, but you are never really right. You can try to be the best you, but that can always be someone's wrong. Understand that, embrace everything with an open mind, try to understand everything.

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