May 15 2016 - May 15 2016

Thought For The Day: 2016-05-15

I try very hard to be a positive parent and I think part of that is not "bashing" the reality, but embracing and enjoying it. I try not to make jokes about how hard things are, or tell people "it's going to get worse" or "it's bad but I love it" but focus on the positive "I love it". I know a lot of us are just joking when we say things like that, going on about how terrible our kids our, but I feel that trains the brain to react certain ways later, so I always just try to be positive. Your brain is a muscle that needs training too, consistent acting, or steering a certain way, will train it to go a certain way easier in the future. By complaining we train our brain to pay attention more to the negative, if we try to talk more about positive aspects our brain will, in the future, look for those positive aspects more and more. Like walking a path in the bushes, it might be hard at first, but you keep walking that path it'll get easier and easier. How rivers are formed, let's form the rivers of our mind.

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