Apr 27 2016 - Apr 27 2016

Thank You Dada: 2016-04-27

Now whenever I give Ryder something he says "Thank you, Dada", where before I'd have to prompt him, and he added the Dada on his own :D . Just hearing that all the time is the best!

Also I find I tend to be overly verbose online, making sentences into essays. I'm working on that. I think that might be part of the reason I don't blog so much anymore. I have this need, this desire, to keep writing, always more to say, one sentence, one word, leads to another and I just can't stop. I guess because it's because I'm so quiet in person, balancing it out, one extreme to the other.

That might be part of the reason I'm not blogging so much, to me every post is a great undertaking, I want to write down my day, so I can look back on it later, so my kids can know how awesome they were/are. But by trying to write down every detail I've ended up not getting anything down. So I am going to try to make shorter posts, more frequently. No one follows anyway, so too many updates won't bother them.

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